Thursday, April 29, 2010

Batman Begins is ballin'

ok Everyone cares so so much about The Dark Knight, and don't get me wrong it is a great movie, but what started that movie is Batman Begins. It is on FX right now actually and I remember going to see it in theaters a couple years back. I really like Batman Begins because it incorporates Ra's al Ghul as the villain and I don't believe any of the batman movies every brought him in. It worked out great and should how Bruce Wayne became Batman. I really love this movie it is great. Most people have not even watched Batman Begins until they heard about The Dark Knight which got all the publicity from Heath Ledger's death. When someone dies that is a famous actor or singer then people start to look at their work in life. Just like Michael Jackson, after he died everyone that drove around was playing his songs and it seamed everyone downloaded his songs. I don't know how it works but it is just they way this society is. I don't know if the people in this country or the world feel bad and feel like they have to listen or watch their work and comment on how great it is or something? I don't know for sure lol.
Anyways, I had to work on register one last night which was not to bad at all and I finally got my speech over with today and our next speech is next class on Tuesday and I'm going to give a eulogy, interesting right?
I got work tomorrow after some class and after work I get to see my Girl Friend! Hellz yeah, I miss that chick, we are going to the mall with some friends and then we will see each other on Saturday since her mom's birthday this weekend. Goodie Goodie!

I am currently downloading/upgrading to the new Ubuntu right now and should be pretty nice, I have yet actually checked the specs, but I just assume it is better lol. Updates usually are, ok maybe not Vista from XP but usually it is haha.
I don't really have any news for you guys there is a scream 4 poster floating around on the net lol, not that I care :P

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