Wednesday, April 21, 2010

#25 yo!

This apparently is post number 25! Happy 25th anniversary post, yea! Anyway's, I have noticed that I have been sluggish with the postings these past few times. I mean come on, the last time I posted was on Sunday for crying out loud! I bet you guys have been dying about how my job went, probably not.
Monday as you all have read, I started my internship. I rushed out of class to get there as I have not been over there by myself or over there in general in a long time so I need time to make sure I got there. I eventually found the place after I asked the owner what building it was. The yet have a sign or address out front because they had just moved. They showed me around inside and showed me where my little desk will be and also that I will get a computer, freaking awesome. I did my tax forms which I blanked out on since I had not done one in so so long. Anyways I actually made a Home Depot run to fix some shelving that was downstairs in work room and I got that all done after I got the wood. The training didn't work after I help set the laptop for her and fixed the network connection, so I built someones desk that they needed help on. They actually were not there, but will be today so they will be surprised that its all done. I did finish up putting together some reports of boiler outputs. After all that I dropped a package at FedEx and went to visit my grandparents out that way for a good hour. I know they love seeing me, I then drove home in 20 min to catch dinner and I was just way to lazy to do homework and I continued to fall asleep around 9:30.
Yesterday was less eventful, other then getting a chemical on my finger that eats at the proteins in your body. I got some studying done last night and before the new episode of LOST! It was a pretty good episode to watch, good stuff. I then just watched TV to fall asleep.
Today is my long Wednesday! I got lab till 3:40 and got work at retail at 5 fun stuff. I will probably be juggling both jobs all summer, I just hope i get the time to take some day o even weekend trips with my girlfriend. Also a convention that I must make!
Anyways, i got some news but not much as I'm lot lazy to actually look for some this morning, most the articles I have are found from previous days lol:
Microsoft and their Kin 1 and Kin 2 are both mobile phones for social networking pretty much, as I said before right? Well their commercial that they had made for it apparently promotes sexting lol. Here is that article and even has the commercial if you want to view that. They were asked to remove it from viewing .
The Nexus One might have a May release, that is all I have for that topic lol
I have said before that I do models, but this is way out of my class, and I fell a lot more nerd went into it. CLICK HERE
HERE is a video of over 100 mile and hour winds hit a ski lift with some people out on it.
This link will show you some really awesome photos from dirty thunderstorms that are in Iceland from the ash clouds. They are quite amazing to see.
The United Kingdom is preparing some parts for using their crap to power their homes. I always thought that this was a great idea, because humans will always be eating, so we will always be taking a dump. Now you know if also goes for a good cause, to power that TV you have in the other room. Her is a link to that article.
Dragon Ball Z, remember it? It's over 9,000 episodes right? Well the new Dragon Ball Z Kai that has been out in Japan is coming to the states and it is basically the same thing except that instead of the over 200 episodes that it got pulled out to be, this series is packing it into a hundred episodes. They will have everything from the manga series in it just shorten and it will be covered a lot faster rather then the fight scenes for 6episodes. I believe it will be on Nickelodeon and this will probably pull some of the younger generation into and probably re energizing it in the states. A lot of younger people don't know what it is like my generation does so that might be a good thing. LINK here
And for movies:
A 9th TV spot for Iron Man 2, watch that here.
Shutter Island will hit DVD and Blue ray on June 6th, which is nice and I still really want to see it!
Also there is a hold in James Bond 23rd film as they don't know what is going to happen to the company. This is the longest running series in movie history and dates back to 1962 I think. I love James Bond, it is pretty good every time.
That is all I have, and I will try shooting a post tomorrow! Seya!

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