Thursday, April 29, 2010

Batman Begins is ballin'

ok Everyone cares so so much about The Dark Knight, and don't get me wrong it is a great movie, but what started that movie is Batman Begins. It is on FX right now actually and I remember going to see it in theaters a couple years back. I really like Batman Begins because it incorporates Ra's al Ghul as the villain and I don't believe any of the batman movies every brought him in. It worked out great and should how Bruce Wayne became Batman. I really love this movie it is great. Most people have not even watched Batman Begins until they heard about The Dark Knight which got all the publicity from Heath Ledger's death. When someone dies that is a famous actor or singer then people start to look at their work in life. Just like Michael Jackson, after he died everyone that drove around was playing his songs and it seamed everyone downloaded his songs. I don't know how it works but it is just they way this society is. I don't know if the people in this country or the world feel bad and feel like they have to listen or watch their work and comment on how great it is or something? I don't know for sure lol.
Anyways, I had to work on register one last night which was not to bad at all and I finally got my speech over with today and our next speech is next class on Tuesday and I'm going to give a eulogy, interesting right?
I got work tomorrow after some class and after work I get to see my Girl Friend! Hellz yeah, I miss that chick, we are going to the mall with some friends and then we will see each other on Saturday since her mom's birthday this weekend. Goodie Goodie!

I am currently downloading/upgrading to the new Ubuntu right now and should be pretty nice, I have yet actually checked the specs, but I just assume it is better lol. Updates usually are, ok maybe not Vista from XP but usually it is haha.
I don't really have any news for you guys there is a scream 4 poster floating around on the net lol, not that I care :P

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

No new eps. of Lost wtf?!

So I am only updating my blog right now because I turned on the TV to watch the new episode of Lost and its a rerun!!! What the hell!?!?! GAY.
Anyways, Some time yesterday when I was on Reddit I had contracted a virus on my laptop called Anitvirus Soft, it pretended to be a virus ware program and asks for you to do a sweep of your computer and stuff. Don't! Do Not click yes, ignore it and shut down your computer or restart it and boot up in safe mode and networking and get some male ware removal program online to get ride of it for you. I'm glad I didn't have to completely wipe my computer and do a system restore. Well, My laptop is all clean now that I have ran a scan over it twice today and it is up to date. Good stuff.
Yesterday work went well although I just did a lot of research in the office, got kinda boring but that was because they didn't have much stuff for me to do.
Today I was supposed to do my speech since I didn't go last class, well there was not enough time for me today so maybe I will go Thursday lol.
I think it is official that the Nexus One will not come to Verizon, to bad :/

I have some news today people and mostly movie crap lol
I guess the movie "How to Train your Dragon" is so popular that they announced that it will have a sequel for 2013. That is a far time away and I have yet seen the whole movie yet other then the pieces of it from this crazy girl at school on her Macbook >_>
There is another clip on a character in the Predators movie, and you can go to the website here to take a look at all of the videos for that movie. I hope the movie is decent.
Ever heard of the book series for young adults called "Maximum Ride"? Well I have never read the book or books but apparently it is getting a movie, here is the link to the article on it.
I love action movies, especially if they are actually good. Some of my favorite actors for action is Jason Statham and Clive Owen. "Shoot 'em Up" was sweet and there are a lot of other movies that Statham has been in that are crazy and really sweet. I could give you a huge list but I wont use it up in the post, just comment on this if you want to know lol. Anyways they will be put together for a film where one Statham will hunt down Owen, which is freakin sweet. Anyways here is the link for the movie that apparently starts shooting really soon.
There has been more clips released or the A-Team movie and here is a link for four international posters for it.
Here is a link for a new international poster for Toy Story 3 that is coming soon.
As for movies that are just getting prequels and/or sequels (oh
Remember the movie "The Ring"? and of course the second one that was directed by the director of the Pirates franchise. Well, they are rebooting it and there is going to be a third film! Also go figure it will be called Ring 3D. Seriously, everyone stop calling it blablabla 3D!! Same to you Nintendo with the 3DS!!! Just stop!!!!!! We get the idea that it will be in 3D you don't have to make it have 3D in the name, it loses the appeal to me period!!! But anyways, does the Ring really need another film? I never really got a chance to fully see them so I don't know, you decided yourselves. Link is here for the article.
You know when they came out with the past film in the "Final Destination" series I really thought it was the Final one! Well no apparently not, they are going to start that again. The movie might come out next year....this is ridiculous. Link
Finally my last article involves America's trees and how we are losing a shit load of them. America is actually one of the top country's that are losing trees to fast. In the years between 2000 and 2005, we lost around 46,000 square miles of forest. Put it together and that is the size of land the size of the state of Pennsylvania (6% of the US). Link to article. That is a lot, it really is and we seriously need to change that, because I will not be happy at all if my children will not be able to enjoy forest and trees like I did and still do. We really do need to make a change, and not just say it, but really act on it, and I mean everyone because we all do make the difference!
Please help out our children and their children and heck ourselves! Reduce, reuses and Recycle, it is really simple people!!!
With my final message for the night I'm heading off and looking for something else on since there is no new episode tonight...
Good night everyone!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Do anything today?

Hello everyone! Nothing much really happened this weekend at all. It is now drawing to a close and I realize to myself that I actually look forward to going back to the office after class tomorrow. Weird right? I guess that is a good sign that I am interested and excited about my new job. That is a good thing! Well Yesterday I did a lot of nothing till I had work at 4pm where I just stood around at the balloon counter and chatted away all night till close. Today I did mostly the same thing except for the work part. I literally changed out of my pj's about an hour or two ago. I thought it was going to storm really badly most the day today but it didn't really look like that at all now did it? Well I'm listening to my Zune software and finally talked myself out of play minesweeper for the 50th time. Apparently I have listened to over 8,000 songs with my account lol. Some of my seeds actually started to sprout out a little bit, thank god! I thought it would never come out lol. I am actually really liking this band, Muse. Right now it is playing Resistance from their album The Resistance. You like any kind of rock then you might like this. Actually I realized that they are playing at the John Paul Jones Arena soon, but I am too cheap to see them lol, way to cheap. I got some of my model done today, just a it of it and waiting for two more to come in.
Oh, so how would you react when your loved one texts, "Don't worry, but I just got in an accident." I would flip, and I did when my girl friend text me that at work last night. Later after I got off I found out that it was just a hard bump they did but I was thinking she was in trouble. Well she is safe and alive today thank god!
Well I am going to throw some news out there now since absolutely nothing happened the whole weekend.
Oh wait one more thing. Remember how I wanted to sleep in Saturday? Well it was about 8am when I heard a slam on my window and the side of the house right in front of my room. It was my dad's ladder as he was setting it up to clean out the gutters >_>

For movies,
I have found out that they had apparently already started pre-production of a movie that is supposed to follow District 9 and will start production in October. FYI for anyone, District 9 was a great film and I really enjoyed it, I did.
Saw VII is going to be in 3D, man there are way to many Saw film,s there really is!
Ghost Rider 2 will not have Nickolas Cage lol, not that it was that great the first time. Probably worst comic movie I have seen, ever.
Ever seen Escape from New York the movie? I really liked it and it is a fairly old film from maybe the 80s I think. Well I have a copy if you are interested in seeing it and here is the link for it. Anyways, it seams that they will make a remake of it and I hope that they have a good cast and a good setting with great effects. I would probably go see this in theaters if it is done right.
All for the movie news and now I have a link that I actually just got from my grandmother and it is more photos from Iceland during the eruption! Link here. Her and I were actually thinking about going to Iceland last year or some time ago. I don;t think we will be able to go now that she needs to watch grandpa and stuff, but it would have been a great trip to go and enjoy it. Maybe one day I will get to go, one day...
And my last thing is a video off YouTube where it is basically a fast forward of them making air planes. It was pretty cool. Enjoy!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Movies, that is all I have really lol

Hey everyone, I ended up watching my Avatar DVD last night with my mom and I told her that it is long and that she might not want to start it after 8:30. She said she be cool with it but I could easily see her tired half way through lol. You know what sucks though about the DVD and watching it here? At my house we have no new TV's or anything still in tube form so we have no 720p or 1080p LCD or plasma flat panel TV's and most of all we do not have a Bluyray player.... So of course I had to get that DVD and not enjoy there great quality visuals or anything like that. Plus we all know why this film is so popular (besides that James Cameron doing it since e did the Titanic and the Terminator..) This film is so popular for its visual effects and creativity of the world that he put together. Please, don't tell me that it is for the story, if you want to see/watch the story just pop in Pocahontas, it is a lot shorter and kid friendly! (someone also mentioned Dancing with the Wolves I believe idk)
Anyways, the reason why I don't like the DVD release is the fact that when you put it in, there are no previews (ok don't really care about that) and there are only three things you can select; play, settings, and scenes. I am guessing that the movie is so long or takes up so much space on the disc that you can not get any extras with it. WTF, I want extras, and when I actually buy a DVD (which is RARE for me to do) I want more then just the movie. So what if I can watch it in Spanish or French, I want to see what they did or how they made that work like it did in the film. How they got the effects or something you know. They could have at least came out with a DVD that came with two discs so we could have the extras. But no, I think the only special edition is Bluyray, go figure. I guess I don't blame them as this is the kind of film that is meant to go for Bluyray. Like is said VISUALS! Still a lot of people have the tube's in their houses and don't have a PS3 or a Bluyray player. I still got mine for around $11 but still, it is disappointing man.
Well, today went fine, I got a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich at Subway with onions on it and also a cup of coffee with my dad. It was not that bad of a deal since we got the same thing and it was all for around $5. I ended up getting to class late since we were just chilling out in there drinking coffee (I don't drink coffee hardly ever, it is usually always my GF's tea). I had the internship today again. I got over there in a pretty good time and now have my own desk and laptop all set up next to a window. They got me to do some research and also make some maps for them. They were impressed with all the editing I did to their maps for them, and then I told them that I used MS Paint. I lol'd but they still thought I did really well. They talk to me like I have know idea what Google Earth is and stuff. I'm young and in the know of the technical world so yeah I know pretty much everything Google does. Plus I usually post what I do know up on here lol.
Got home had some chicken and now chillin and I so can not WAIT to sleep in tomorrow. I will be so pissed if my dad or mom wakes me up or comes in around 7:30 am and needs help with cutting the grass or something. I got all freaking day tomorrow so please don't mess with me till later around noon. I got work at 4pm so I will be good!
Anyways, I have news and all the news that I am posting is all going to be MOVIE news lol.
Some new post for the Avatar: The Last Air bender have been put up on Apples site and here is the link for that. I would watch it, but I need quick time to see it and I don't have that on my Ubuntu OS lol. (Plus it's Apple, yuck)
I have 3 clips for Iron Man! 3! You think they are releasing enough of these clips out lol? Here is clink ONE and TWO and THREE
For all those homo's and/or girls out there, here is the new trailer for the new movie in the Twilight series, Eclipse.
Since they are doing another Predator film, I guess it is only natural to complete a new film in the Alien series. Here is a link for talks about a prequel in the Alien series.
Here is a link about a sequel for Monsters Inc. That is a pretty funny movie from Pixar if you have not seen it lol. Anyone actually know that first movie that Pixar did? :P Post it in comments please, and oh yeah, don't Google it or search it people lol.
That's all folks!
Oh that reminds me, I had heard that they are rebooting up the Loony Toon's such as Bug's Bunny and other favorites again! Good stuff guy's and here is a link for ya, seya!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day everyone!
Just a friendly reminder please recycle! NOW!!!!
Anyways, its the 40th Earth Day (woot) and we still should always look out for our environment out there! It is beautiful, and if you have not taken a walk today or in the past few days, go out side and pay it a visit and also get some exercise. You will enjoy it, trust me!
Here is a link to a history of Earth Day for those who want to read up on that.
I had a speech today on recycling actually, but we didn't have enough time for it so I will be going on this following Tuesday, oh boy lol. I had a chemistry test that I did study for but I still don't think I did that well on it really.
I went by Walmart today because they sent us a random $5 spending card for some reason and I kinda activated it and used it for myself. When I told my mom she asked right away who the card was addressed to, and I told her it said resident so I was in the clear zone. Anyways, it got me $5 off on the DVD release of Avatar today! So I only payed like $10 for it which is ballin' for a new release, actually same day release, muhahaha! Mom has yet to see it so we probably will watch that tonight and I might work on some home work while we do it, or I probably wont. Going with probably wont lol.
So anyone hear about how some guy who works at Apple and goes to the bar and leaves his phone in a box there? Well some guy ended up picking it up and found out that it was the prototype for the new iphone that is supposed to come out next. Well sucks for Apple that it leaked out there at a freaking bar lol.
Dell is planing on coming out with some new mobile phones but I don't know if it will be towards the end of this year or the next. The will be working with Microsoft I believe and will run on Windows Mobil.
Movies, as that is what the buck of my news is for the day lol:
There seams to be a Men in Black 3D film in the work and I guess the original actors, Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones will star in it. Honestly they are really coming out with a crap load of 3D films that happen to be the 3rd installment in the series. You guys know how I feel about this 3D phenomenon. Well, Men in Black is kool regardless, especially if it has the original stars in it, if not, don't go see it. I have a feeling that my girl friend has yet to see the first two. There are quite a few movies that are awesome that she has not seen.
This is a kick ass poster for Iron Man 2 for Imax.
Also another clip from that movie as well is Here.
Here is a clip from the movie Robin Hood from the same directors of Gladiator and of course the same star as Gladiator. That is also a sweet movie, I don't think it has anything to do with actual history but Gladiator is a good movie period. Moving on :)
There is a rumor that the Nintendo 3DS might hit shelves as soon as October, which is a lot earlier then the talked about spring of 2011. This could be a big move for Nintendo and can get in there right before Christmas and rack op some cash. Here is a link to that article.
It seams a crap load of non-environmental friendly thing want to happy recently. We had that boat that hit the reef out in the Great Barrier Reef earlier this year of the coast of Australia. (Wow some one in my Geology class, which is a college course in a college, asked the teacher what the Great Barrier Reef was and where it was. Seriously? Did you graduate from an actual school?)(oh, not to mention she also asked what was the point of the tropical rain forest. Teacher must think how the hell she is passing, that is if she is passing)
Moving on, there has been some crazy earth quakes also and even the eruption in Iceland that has delayed a crap load of air flights from and too Europe.
Well recently there has been an explosion on a oil rig out in the gulf of Mexico and I think it is about 40 miles of the coast of Louisiana. It has flipped and sunk now to a depth of 5,000 feet and the well is still pouring tons and tons of oil out on the floor of the gulf. This could cause a problem for the ecosystem in that area and that is a carp load of crude oil. Here is a link if you want to read more about it.
Here is a link to a article at about finding dead animals with a bunch of junk in there gut. Seriously, this ain't cool.
That is all I have for the day, and to leave with a note, please reduce, reuse and recycle. You might not think that you have a difference but you really do and promote to your friends, family and co-workers. If you want more information about recycling go to and the EPA web site.
Seya! and RECYCLE!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Also James is working on Avatar 2 that will also work for the 3rd film. The second one will be revolved around Pandora's oceans.
Also, it looks like they will make a Bad Boy's 3 film.
Here is another behind the scenes from the Predators film.
Also this is a big gallery for some new photos for the Iron Man 2 film!
Also, it looks that 7-Eleven will start carrying used video games in there stores. HERE is article
Ok I seriously need to go for class now lol

#25 yo!

This apparently is post number 25! Happy 25th anniversary post, yea! Anyway's, I have noticed that I have been sluggish with the postings these past few times. I mean come on, the last time I posted was on Sunday for crying out loud! I bet you guys have been dying about how my job went, probably not.
Monday as you all have read, I started my internship. I rushed out of class to get there as I have not been over there by myself or over there in general in a long time so I need time to make sure I got there. I eventually found the place after I asked the owner what building it was. The yet have a sign or address out front because they had just moved. They showed me around inside and showed me where my little desk will be and also that I will get a computer, freaking awesome. I did my tax forms which I blanked out on since I had not done one in so so long. Anyways I actually made a Home Depot run to fix some shelving that was downstairs in work room and I got that all done after I got the wood. The training didn't work after I help set the laptop for her and fixed the network connection, so I built someones desk that they needed help on. They actually were not there, but will be today so they will be surprised that its all done. I did finish up putting together some reports of boiler outputs. After all that I dropped a package at FedEx and went to visit my grandparents out that way for a good hour. I know they love seeing me, I then drove home in 20 min to catch dinner and I was just way to lazy to do homework and I continued to fall asleep around 9:30.
Yesterday was less eventful, other then getting a chemical on my finger that eats at the proteins in your body. I got some studying done last night and before the new episode of LOST! It was a pretty good episode to watch, good stuff. I then just watched TV to fall asleep.
Today is my long Wednesday! I got lab till 3:40 and got work at retail at 5 fun stuff. I will probably be juggling both jobs all summer, I just hope i get the time to take some day o even weekend trips with my girlfriend. Also a convention that I must make!
Anyways, i got some news but not much as I'm lot lazy to actually look for some this morning, most the articles I have are found from previous days lol:
Microsoft and their Kin 1 and Kin 2 are both mobile phones for social networking pretty much, as I said before right? Well their commercial that they had made for it apparently promotes sexting lol. Here is that article and even has the commercial if you want to view that. They were asked to remove it from viewing .
The Nexus One might have a May release, that is all I have for that topic lol
I have said before that I do models, but this is way out of my class, and I fell a lot more nerd went into it. CLICK HERE
HERE is a video of over 100 mile and hour winds hit a ski lift with some people out on it.
This link will show you some really awesome photos from dirty thunderstorms that are in Iceland from the ash clouds. They are quite amazing to see.
The United Kingdom is preparing some parts for using their crap to power their homes. I always thought that this was a great idea, because humans will always be eating, so we will always be taking a dump. Now you know if also goes for a good cause, to power that TV you have in the other room. Her is a link to that article.
Dragon Ball Z, remember it? It's over 9,000 episodes right? Well the new Dragon Ball Z Kai that has been out in Japan is coming to the states and it is basically the same thing except that instead of the over 200 episodes that it got pulled out to be, this series is packing it into a hundred episodes. They will have everything from the manga series in it just shorten and it will be covered a lot faster rather then the fight scenes for 6episodes. I believe it will be on Nickelodeon and this will probably pull some of the younger generation into and probably re energizing it in the states. A lot of younger people don't know what it is like my generation does so that might be a good thing. LINK here
And for movies:
A 9th TV spot for Iron Man 2, watch that here.
Shutter Island will hit DVD and Blue ray on June 6th, which is nice and I still really want to see it!
Also there is a hold in James Bond 23rd film as they don't know what is going to happen to the company. This is the longest running series in movie history and dates back to 1962 I think. I love James Bond, it is pretty good every time.
That is all I have, and I will try shooting a post tomorrow! Seya!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

I'm alive, don't worry

Hey everyone! The last time I posted was Thursday, dang! Anyways on Friday after class I went to the movies with two guy friends and this girl that I think wants to still date me. She kind of scares me a bit and she probably picked her nose like 200+ times that day. Anyways, I wasn't the one who I invited her to come along and since she doesn't drive or apparently have cash, she had to call her mom to drop off some cash for her up at the college >_> Regardless of her annoying voice and talking during the film. Kick Ass was pretty Kick ass film. That 12 year old chick was freaking sick! If you get a chance to see it, you so should. I would talk about it but I would just spoil it out right lol. It was well done and done by an independent producer, which is probably why it was pretty awesome. Great idea for a film and they did leave it off where there could easily be a second film. I would also go see that fo show. I then hung out with my other friend that came with us for the rest of the day and we just chilled and played video games. I don't know what game it was but it was on the 360 and you had a grapple and a parachute. It had a pretty cool concept. We just pretty much ran around destroying stuff lol. Go figure, we use to blow a bucha crap in his field with illegal fireworks in the state lol.
As of yesterday, I woke up and got the the Chili Cook Off at 9am where my friend from last night's mom was there for the fundraiser. She played a prank by getting this man to not let me in to work even though I said I would call my manager (per say..). She came from around a corner laughing at me >_>. So mean, anyways I got in and stayed to 7pm, 10 hour work day, and boy was it long. Didn't get to make much cotton candy because the wind wouldn't permit me too! We sold a crap load of funnel cakes. Lots of girls wearing hardly anything, and a sex shop's booth was right across from us blowing up blow-up dolls lol. Pretty funny. I crashed hard once I put my head down last night. I start my intern tomorrow! That came so freaking fast! Shit! lol

Oh forgot to say but I waiting in line at a Subway to get 2 subs on Thursday night! All because of tax day, but i still gt 2 foot longs for 5 bucks!

Now on to stuff that has happened in the past 2 days!
I can start with some movie news:
As you can tell, Kick Ass came out this weekend, and is probably the first movie I have seen in theaters in a long time. Probably since Avatar with my girl friend. Recommended for anyone who likes action, or a good movie in general. If you want to know how it goes, here is a funny little comic I found "Kick Ass in 60 Seconds"
Another person has been announced for the cast of the 4th Pirates movie, here is the link to that.
They are working on another Harold and Kumar, which is pretty funny if you have not yet seen that film. Ops I mean films!
Alice and Wonderland will be hitting DVD and Blue ray on June 1st, quite early if you ask me, but Disney was pushing for it to come out fast. Also Avatar will be hitting the stores on Earth Day here in America (so want that!)

Now I guess I will chat it up about some tech news:
Apple has sent in its application for its patent it wanted for its 3d viewing glasses (ispecks). They will probably get it and make this ridiculous thing.
There is a download where it utilizes your accelerometer inside of your laptop to read quakes an trimmers. It will then send the data to there systems and if they get enough readings in that area they can verify that an earth quake was there. This can help them in reading earth quakes and to maybe help alert to the disaster before it hits them hard. Now your computer will have to have an accelerometer inside of it and not many laptops do. They are used to read moment, a lot of cell phones have them now and days and a lot of the Apple laptops have them. Here is the link to the article.
Toshiba has revealed more details about its tablet. This on going tablet war is getting serious lol.
The HTC Incredible that is sad to be just like the Nexus One cell phone just got it release date for Verizon. Here is the article for that and i will hit stores on the 29th this month.
And finally, people over at the Zune boards site that I check regularly for Zune news, they have apparently finally did a true hack of the Zune HD and the old models and its system. I'm right now trying to download the programs for it and give it a whirl. Anyone can start making applications for this and upload them there for everyone. Article

Some video game industry and news:
Apparently Microsoft is accused of Slave Labor in making there console controller in China. Here is the link for that.
Look at the pic in this article and you can see that it really resembles the Wii mote. This is a new controller for the company Sony an their system the PlayStation.

And for other news here and around the world:
This article will show you a photo from a satellite on the ash cloud from Iceland.
The Pop promises to bring the priest that was accused of being a pedophile to justice. I wonder if the priest knows pedobear? Maybe?! Link here
I laughed when I found this article but it is a guide of how to build a pencil crossbow with some basic supplies. Try it out on your brother or sister or something. Have fun kids!
Last article I swear to God everyone.
Key's that belonged to the second officer of the Titanic, David Blair, had been transfered from the ship and forgot to give the keys to his new replacement the boat before its maiden voyage. When the boat when to see it hit that iceberg, but if the replacement had those keys, it would have been able to get into the case that held the binoculars on the crows nest and they could have been able to see the iceberg way in time and not have hit it. These keys are going up on action in a few days and they were sold for 90,000 euros in 2007. Here is the article.

Well now that I have that out of my system, I will be able to get back on track, or I might be to lazy again as I start my new job tomorrow as stated before. I will keep everyone up to data, and have a good day!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

To lazy at the time...

So I said I would post again yesterday but I was way to tried to post by the time I got home from work. I was to lazy to even do my homework, I just took my shower and went to sleep. period. Work was all cool in all, I wrote my manager a reminder that I am starting that internship on Monday right after classes. Today has been pretty nice, I had chemistry and came home and finished up my outline for my speech class. I'm going to go with recycling and probably include why on earth our school does not have any recycling containers at all. If I want to recycle something I usually bring it home and do it myself or just put it in my geology professors own bin. Crazy right? I think a lot of colleges in the area or period probably promote and recycle within their campuses. Tons of college kids at my school buy drinks from the drink machines and they go straight to trash, there is so much plastic just going straight to the trash!!!! Especially paper, a college is going to use a lot of computer paper, but I actually think that our library recycles the un-used paper (thank god).
The new chapter in Naruto was kind of bla but now I know that in the prophecy about Naruto the octopus means Killer-bee, and I think that they would make a pretty sweet team amiright?
Anyways, new Shrek poster is out and also a new person is casted for On Stranger Tides (new Pirates movie from Disney).
I don't know about you, but I like Cafe's quite a bit, especially if they have good drinks, sandwich's and free wi-fi. Makes it to be perfect. Now this Cafe is a Gundam Cafe that has just been opened in Japan and I would so love to go by it some day if I am ever over there.
So anyone have crazy for-play before in bed? Well this article is about a guy that shot his wife while during for-play. He said that they had used a gun during for-play before but now he is arrested and probably sent to jail. There children were in the other room at the time sleeping. I don't think I would ever ever go that far in for-play period.
Here is a link for a very few amount of clips from the new "Black and White Pokemon" that will be coming out.
For some tech news:
Google has claimed not to buy a ipad (not just because it sucks) because there android tablet has been well under way and probably will come soon. Here is the link.
Anyone ever actually used Photo Shop from Adobe? Like the actually photo shop? Not paint, but the legit Photo Shop? Well It is part of their Creative Suite that comes with a bunch of programs that people can use for editing and sorts. To just get the new version of Photo Shop in CS5 it would cost a couple hundred, but if you get the whole standard package and not the premium, I think it is about $1,299. This software is not cheap, and meant for people who really really use it (not me as paint and random things like Gimp are fine for me lol).
Some news about our great planet Earth, Island had a plum of smoke erupt from it from a volcano. The ash cloud had spread and has even caused major problems with European air travel since they usually take courses that would travel where the ash cloud is. Here is that article
And is the Earth shaking up more? Are we really getting closer to 2012 being the end? (Not talking about movie lol) Here is an article about quakes on our planet recently and even I have notice a lot more quakes, waves, slides in the news that are killing a lot of people. Most have been over in Asia too.
If you like Lewis Carroll's Alice and Wonderland, Here is a link t the original manuscript in the British Library. It has all the pages and drawings! It was called Alice's Adventures Under Ground! Enjoy
Finally a Youtube Video for you all
Here is a video of this guy that can sing and dance and its kind of funny. I was suppreised at his voice thugh when he sang! (Crap well I watched it this morning and when I came back to place it in my blog it was removed off of Youtube for terms of violation SorrY!)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Good morning fellow people, I'm yawning right now haha.
Well, the clouds look like they have cleared for maybe a nice day, but I think it still will be cool out. I wont be able to enjoy my day outside as I got school at 9am and wont get out till around 4 at which I got work every Wednesday at 5pm to about 9:30. Maybe after then I can go on a run or something, depending how truly lazy I am. I got a Geology test today covering up to six chapters! I think I'm missing notes for like one or two of them, which isn't good. I also have the outline of my speech due tomorrow for Public Speaking, which I also have yet to finish! I need to stop procrastinating. Anyone watch Lost last night, or they went with the premier of the new season of Glee? Well if you know me in person, you know I went with Lost because it's awesome and I'm not into singing and dancing of Glee. If anyone missed the episode of Lost last night or any of this season, I suggest that you watch them all in order or you will have know idea what is going on lol. There are only 6 seasons in all, including this one that is I think 5 episodes from ending the series.
Another thing that I am passionate about is Akira, if you have ever heard of it from some one or my mouth. Everyone one that know's of Akira thinks that it is just a animated film from the 80's, but it is much more then that to me. Katsuhiro Otomo is a manga artist who started this manga series and got his chapters placed in Young Magazine in Japan back in 1982. He finished the manga series in 1990 and all of them were compacted into 6 large volumes that are black and white. Now over in America they first appeared in Marvel Epic (part of Marvel)in 1988.Now Otomo picked a guy named Steve Oliff to color the manga, and he wanted to use computer coloring. Akira ended up being the first comic to have been computer colored that was an on going series. The Marvel Epic comic series had 38 volumes total. The movie is what draws most of the fan base though, even though the manga is far superior. The movie was directed and written by Otomo his self and was done in 1988. If you notice, the movie came out before he actually finished the series as a comic. The movie is really only based on the first 2 volumes of the series. The movie is great everyone just to let you know, but if you can ever get a chance to sit down and read the entire series, do it. I will let you know, finding Akira in comic form s pretty hard, until recently a company is redoing the printing so you can find it here and there. The Dark Horse, 6 black and white volumes in America, are hard to find since they are out of print and they usually price them high if you do find them. Especially the full colored, hard back versions of the Dark Horse volumes as they only made 1,000 of those each. The Marvel Epic series in the 38 volume entirety is really nice to look at but really hard to get them all together. If you are interested in seeing them but can't find them, let me know as I have the movie with extra's on DVD, the full 38 volume run of Epic Comics in color, and Dark Horse volumes 1,2,5 and I got volume 4 in hard back color which was a pain to get. Or I can always get you a copy of the 6 vol. on a CD an you just have to load a program and can read the whole thing off the computer lol.
Wich reminds me, THIS is something that I would really want to go see of, the art of Akira exhibit. HERE is more info of Akira.
I will post later with soe news content off the web and maybe more about my day!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tea is bumb

By the way everyone, Tea is awesome. Just to let you all know. I have a mug of hot tea ever week morning and take it to school. I never have the same flavor in one week because I got a box of 16 different flavors from my girlfriend for Christmas. It was a pretty sweet gift because not only are they all good (except for the odd Earl Gray flavor) but it gives me something to think about her when I drink it. I don't like sweet tea, kin of surprising for someone in the south I guess since it is a southern kind of thing but I am strictly hot tea or unsweetened ice tea. Just the way it is haha. Seriously, tea is good.
So I have a free movie ticket and I think it expires this Saturday but I want to use it. What the crap should I go see!?!?! Saturday I will be at the Chilli Cook Off working so I can't really go then...
Wish Iron Man 2 was out already because that is what I would go see. Which reminds me, Here is a link for three new clips/ videos for IM2.
My burns are still...not lookin good. I'm sure I will be fine, and I hope so soon. I almost blew up a test tube today in chemistry since we had to hold a match over the test tube that was emitting hydrogen and oxygen. So naturally the flame ignited the gas and caused a loud bang in class and the teacher looked at us and then turned away haha.
Anyways, I was checking up on a movie remake that is underway and I came across This article. I was glad to find that they were going to make a 3rd film (excluding Dark Furry animation) in the Riddick series with Vin Diesel. The first film in the series wasn't that great but the last one was pretty nice. Well anyways I found another clip about a character in the new movie "Predators" that will come out. It is based on the character predator and the movies that came before it like Predator, Predator 2, Aliens verse Predators and AVP 2. I just like Predator, can't explain why. It was from a comic series I believe.
I found out that Nintendo and Netflix have made it available to everyone who has a Wii. It was announced a while ago and now it is released and all you need is a Wii and a Netflix account. If you don't have a Wii, then just continue getting them in the mail or just stream it off your laptop/desktop computer lol. With this release on the console, it should make no difference in the sales since most people get the DVD's in the mail regardless. Just something cool to tell people, "Yo I was watching the Hangover the other day on my Wii, cool right bro?!" Yeah pretty much...
Ever see those cool buildings/structures of playing cards? They were probably done by a guy named Berg. This guy has built some amazing structures and I believe has all the records for biggest or highest card structures. Here is a link to an article with some pictures of his work and I think there a links to videos on the article that show him building them too.

So anyone ever type in a few words or one word into Google's search engine and get a drop down list of the most recent searches. Well I recently typed "why". This is what I found. Photobucket
Ha ha I laughed at what people search. Well I'm going to go now guys, seya!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Bla bla bla

So if you notice in the tech industry, there are pretty much three really big powers; Microsoft, Google, and Apple. Microsoft, which is ran by Bill Gates, is mostly computer software. They make Operating systems, and the popular Office product that pretty much is the main stream way to type up your report and do presentations. They have started to really get into the hardware while still doing software. One of there really popular hardware is the xbox, and xbox360 and they have came with the Zune multimedia player which I have owned Gen 1 and the newer one Zune HD. They have a huge market in computer software, video game consoles, media players, and now they want a piece of the mobile phone market. I have been following them for a while now because it was rumored to have been a Zune Phone and "Project Pink". One of my last post was saying how they were going to release more information about it today and now I know what it is. It is called the "Kin" and it will run on Mobile Windows 7 and be built as a smart phone that will appeal to the younger generation for social networking like Facebook and Twitter. There will be two of them "Kin One and Kin Two" and the maker of the product is Sharp. Here and here are two articles on the phones. They are going to be apart of the Windows Mobile 7 Series but I still remember that there will be a touch screen phone that is going to remind everyone of a Zune and these two phones do not look like it at all so I think there is another phone that will unveil itself in due time. I'll let you know. Microsoft is also trying a go at the mobile operating systems for cell phones.
Google is becoming a giant, starting out as a search site on the web. It now has Blogger, which I am using now, and has even bought the popular online video site YouTube. They have really been having a go at the mobile market with it's Mobile Operating System "Android" which tons of smart phones are using like the Droid and HTC brand phones. I have been keeping up with their phone, the Nexus One, that was made by HTC but they are the ones who designed every aspect about it. Google is getting a huge market with that OS for cell's but now they want to get a cut at the tablet market. Apple came out recently with ipad and now it seams everyone wants to come out with one. Here is a small article about them and Google will probably use their Android type OS for their device. Here is another article about tablet's.
Apple is next headed by Steve Jobs and they have came out with a lot. There media player is probably there most popular device; ipod. Apple has made Operating Systems, computers, laptops, media players and even cell phones. There iphone has been pretty popular and i think it is the only phone that runs on an Apple mobile OS, unlike Google, and recently I have posted that they are coming out with their 4th iphone. Now that they got their ipad out there, they are going to release iSpecs. (what is up with i-blahblah names they come out with?) These specs/glasses will render images 3-D and you can upload them to your ipad or iphone now. I'm not sure when they are going to be released but this is the first time I have heard about them and they are still in the patent process. I'm sure it will be a while before this will come out.
Last thing about phones and tech today, I promise lol. The government might make it a "must" for every cell phone to get a tv-tuner built inside of it to get local broadcast on the air for emergencies. This is kinda cool but will cost consumers and the companies millions of bucks to put this in their devices when the government decides to go with this. Here is the article.

Wow, I wrote a lot about that stuff, I'm surprised. Now I just need to channel that kind of writing into my papers, which reminds me that I have a speech this week or next and I need to look up info on that.
As for movies I am getting excited about Iron Man 2, and here is a list of some of the characters that will be in it. I just saw a commercial on TV a second ago that was showing clips of Iron Man 2 but it was a commercial for an Audi car. If I really could and had the money I would get an Audi since they are a very nice foreign car's and I like the movie's, The Transporter with Jason Statham who kicks but in the movie.
Anyways, I found this article that made me smile. Basically this guy was in love with his girlfriend and he wanted to ask her to marry him and do it at their first date spot. He relealized that she might have caught onto the idea and noticed that she was player Chrono Trigger (a video game, fairly old one too) and got ideas. He is a programmer and he added a whole other part to the game and when she went there and it started to read text on the screen that said her name and asked to marry her. When she turned around he was kneeling on the floor with the ring out. She said yes of course but first saying "You are such a nerd...but I love it." The link includes the video of the game play that he hacked and fixed. Well if my girl friend is reading this, I am not that big of a nerd to hack a game that you are playing and ask you to marry me. Also, we are a ways off from that hehe but that does not mean that you are out of my mind as I may ask you that question in the years that come :P
Good stuff right? Anyways more about me now! I'm still looking around at places to maybe to move to but I think I have finally decided that it would be better off that I should wait till the end of summer or maybe during the school this coming year. It's a big investment as I got to have a stable income for a lease or they wont rent anything to me. Plus my sister might go to VCU in the fall and I really really don't want her as a room mate since a big reason to move out is to get away from parents and sister, duh lol. My burns from Friday are not looking to hot, I really hope that they are not infected as it will not be good for my arm at all. Chilli Cook Off is this Saturday, not that I will go and pay unless I am working there. Also, a week from now I will be starting my big internship! Exciting and I'm getting a little anxious.
That's all I got today! I'll keep you posted, seya

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Verizon Microsoft Project Pink on Monday, not Verizon Nexus One

Verizon Microsoft Project Pink on Monday, not Verizon Nexus One
Well that leaked email at Verizon might not have mean the Nexus One but actually "Project Pink" which I have been following for a while. It was thought to be a Zune Phone from Microsoft but it is a Microsoft phone that will run on Windows Mobile 7 and will look much like the interface of the Zune HD. There are just great phones coming out left and right with Microsoft's phone, new iphone, another HTC phone that will be the 1st 4G phone, and even Nexus One (Google's) that has already come out. Good Stuff

SNL >_>

Well hello everyone on this fine Sunday morning.
I finally know when the Nexus One will come to Verizon, and looks like it might be tomorrow from the looks of a leaked email at Verizon Wireless. Pretty cool stuff.
Also here is an article more about the new Pokemon that is supposed to be the next released called Black & White. It also reminds me that I really need to finish up my Soul Silver. I'm still stuck at the 8th gym because of that annoying Seadra.
As for movies I never saw Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs but I did read the book many many years ago. Apparently there will be a second movie coming out.
A lot of movies that are coming out have been remakes or prequels/sequels. They are even making a second Hangover which was really funny and was fresh idea.
Here are some clips from new Paramount movies that are soon to be coming out such as Iron Man 2, Shrek Forever After, The Last Airbender, and 2 others that I am not so familiar with. I will definitely want to see Iron Man and The Last Airbender, and there have been movies that I still haven't seen that have been out and left theaters. Here is the link.
So last night when I was trying to sleep I was trying to tune in to something that I would enjoy on TV. Now that I got hardly any channels other then basic basic ones SNL came on and guess who was on it singing. Justin Bieder. I have no idea where this boy came from. Apparently he is 16 but looks 12. He was singing some song "You smile, I smile" It was quite nauseating and looked rather gay when he sang it. I guess the 13 year old girls love it, instead of the 3 Jonas Brothers, we have one of these boys singing. Here is the article about his performance.
I recently have been looking around and getting interested in moving out. I will probably wait till the end of the summer or next year of school. I will be busy this summer with this internship and all. I worked yesterday an that was the sum of my day yesterday, nothing spectacular.
I am going to peace out now and start to enjoy this day! Seya

Friday, April 9, 2010


SO how about that nice rain last night, I heard it looked like a downpour but the front yard looks perfectly fine haha. So my seeds finally came in the mail yesterday and I am starting to germinate them and trying to get them going. They are from the tree Ficus religious, or a bo-tree, or sacred tree. Honestly this tree has many names and it is a tree of happiness and it is even said that Siddartha Gautamawas sitting underneath this tree when he was enlightened/awakened in Buddha. Click me Last night I was cooking up some sweet and sour chicken and some of hte hot oil had gotten on my skin, now I got red, burnt spots on my arm and some are blisters festering >_> Dinner was still good regardless, I ate it up while watching Lost Tapes on Animal Planet. I ended up watching like 4 episodes of it and I was getting into it. VCU got my application, now I have to wait for acceptance, and I am really enjoying the updates on my Zune HD. New outside my life:Apparently the ipad was still a hit even though there was some problems with them. Estimates say that there has been 500,000 sold so far. I saw someone in school yesterday walking around with one and he already put stickers all over the back of it. Here is a link to a guy at Blendtech with an ipad, it's a short you tube video. Other people that are fans of Apple are probably now following news on the new iPhone #4. Many think that it will be HD and such here is a link on some features released.
A link for more info on the HP Slate tablet HERE at Wired
New cigarette now when you plant them after use in the ground, they will bud up and grow into a plant. They are marketing a go-green type of cigarette, does that mean we should all start to buy and smoke them still? I don't think so lol. HERE is the link for that article
Check this pic out of Mario from Nintendo
Some kid must really be into farmville on popular social networking site, Facebook. This boy is in a 900 euro debt, $1400 american dollars, from playing this game! He is 14 and he used his money but mostly his mothers. She will not be happy. Link HERE
Here is a link to a new clip from the upcoming Disney Pixar movie Toy Story 3!HERE
J.K. Rowling has not yet ruled out another Harry Potter book, if she did it it would take place ten years after the last book written in the series.
I think that is all I should put down for now everyone, also if there is something that you are interested in and want me to follow and post about please just leave it in the comments of this post and I can get to it for you! Weekend starts for me as soon as this Geology test is over, bye bye!

Updates: Just found out about this but the 5th generation Pokemon game has been revealed on the Japan's website of Nintendo, I think it's Pokemon Black and White. Link here
Youtube video of 8-bit pixels, pretty well done i think HERE
Another Youtube video of a drunk guy trying to dance to Michael Jackson, made me laugh. HERE

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

ipad over heats lol
link to the article.
Also a flood in Brazil killed 95 people, here is the link to taht story as well
I got lab, seya

HP Slate Details Leaked: $550 Keyboard-less Netbook | Gadget Lab |

HP Slate Details Leaked: $550 Keyboard-less Netbook | Gadget Lab |
This link will show a side by side comparison if the ipad and the HP Slate.
Also Two more TV spot lights were leaked out for the new Iron Man 2 film. Those links are here.
A ten year old boy from California with his father and his fathers girlfriend are going to attempt to climb Mt. Everest! Here is the link for ya
A 7.8 magnitude earth quake hit Indonesia yesterday, and Toyota got a $12 million fine for their recalls in the United States.
I got to go back to school today unfortunately and I have a lab and work so my day isn't going to slow down starting now till 9:30 or so. Have a good day !

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Great Day

So I had the day off for some teacher work day thing and enjoyed spending some time around the house. I completed some essay for graduation and got a ticket for my cap and gown and after that I just relaxed. It got up to 93 degrees here and that was warm. My mom and sister are out of town and when neither is around it is so freaking peaceful around the house. My dad and I relaxed and so did the cat...
The new firmware 4.5 for the Zune HD player came out and I just updated mine. Its really nice and now I can save images and/or entire pages on the browser and the have the smart DJ where they put together a collection of music based on the artist you pick. It was on the software but now its for the player. I like it lol. I think I am leaning towards the Nexus One for a phone to get for myself but I really don't want to go to Verizon, idk touchy situation.
So how about that ipad release over the weekend. News is already popping up everywhere about how there Wi-Fi is not working on it. Sucks for you guys.
This piece of technology the "HP Slate" will compete with the ipad and if people are smart and not being Apple Fan boy's they will notice that it has a lot better specs with it. Bigger memory and the fast that it will be able to play 1080p and has two cameras on each side for video conferencing is pretty awesome. Click HP Slate for the link and take a look. Another one is the ICD Gemini which looks like it will run on Android, the google OS for most smart phones these days. It seams a lot of tablet items are starting to roll out but what I am sorta of surprised about is that non of these tablets will come with 3-D. It seams that everything is going 3-D but these tablets coming out and some smart phones that are new.
Well that is all I have to say for now everyone!

Officials Fear Ship Breaking Apart on Barrier Reef

Officials Fear Ship Breaking Apart on Barrier Reef
I heard about this two days ago or so, but this is more information to fill in my questions. I really hope the Great Barrier Reef does not get anymore damage then the coal-carrying ships oil is doing. I wonder why it was so far outside of the shipping channel. I still hope that I can at least go there and see it.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Moive's and Easter!

First Resident Evil: Afterlife Trailer Sidelines Zombies Embraces 3D

So this is the 1st Trailer that has been released for the next Resident Evil movie: Afterlife. The interesting thing is that I didn't really see any zombies roaming around and Alice killing. It really seamed more that she was fighting against the Umbrella Corp. Once again (like most movies) it looks like it will be in 3-D so I might give this 3-D movie a shot, but I would probably go see this for sure.
The new A-Team trailer (2nd one) looks good, I have yet seen the first one but this movie looks pretty funny and full of action. I was wondering if there were going to be any good movies out this year but I might have been wrong.
Hear about this!!! I can not believe that they are going to make more sequels to "Independence Day". I figured they were going to go ahead with the Hangover 2, but seriously? Independence Day is from the 90's and they are going to bring back two more films?!?!
The directors of Harold & Kumar are coming together to make a 4th American Pie, and non of that crap American Pie spin off's, where they will bring back the original cast from the first movies. This also means that for the 3rd Harold & Kumar, the directors wont be with them to work on it. (My girl friend loves the American Pie movies and any moive like it, so she will probably like this news)

Anyways, I believe I forgive my girl friend for April Fool's day now lol, about time. I enjoyed the weekend with her but I have to go back to school tomorrow. I got to meet more of her family and her grandparents have a Mastiv dog and its half a year old and huge! Thing drooled all over my arm, it was a lot. Still a good Easter other then finding out that one of my best friend's cousins had died in a car accident. He was a pretty fun guy and I hung out with him quite a few times. I gave the family my support.
Good night people!

Free Website Translation, Free Translator |

Free Website Translation, Free Translator |
This is a bad translator and it is pretty funny. They purposely made it like this and you should try it lol

Lego Spider - Craziest Lego Creations

Lego Spider - Craziest Lego Creations
This is crazy, /i wonder where they got all of those type of pieces because there is no way that /i have that many to cover a few pieces of brick. Thats pretty awesome

Saturday, April 3, 2010

I don't like April Fools...

So on April 1st my girl friend decided to pull a prank on me. She got her room mate to message me around 10am that she had fallen down some stairs and broke her ankle and that they were taking her to the ER and then eventually told me that she was getting surgery.... I was about to drive down there as soon as I got out of speech class but my gf decided to finally say something "april fools" God I hate April 1st.
I got a 96 on my Bonsai speech and everyone was wondering where to get some lol
In other news, the ipad came out today, anyone going to get it? I know I will not as it's made by Apple. I'm getting slightly annoyed at the fact that Zune has yet to release that freaking update for the software and player. Also, anyone getting that 3-D hype now? Nintendo 3DS is expected to be released some time the begging of next year. Some phones will be coming out probably this year that will have LCD screens that will be touch screens and also have 3-D images with it. TV's are already coming out now and I'm sure that many computer companies are on there way to put some laptops and computer monitors that will have 3-D ready specs this coming summer. This is making me think that my laptop is starting to get out dated. With all these 3-D movies coming out, is it really necessary to change the way we look at our electronics in a 3-d way? Is 2-d not enough anymore? Honestly I have yet seen a movie in 3-d in theaters nor am I really interested, mostly because it is a lot more lol. I don't think I will be getting into the 3-D hype quite yet but it is looking to be the new thing that people will start to follow.
Some great phones(link for phones that are coming out) will be coming out this year and I really am liking a few of them. My contract will be up with Ntelos and my family wants a family plan with Verizon but I haven't seen a whole lot of phones with them that I like since I'm getting interested with these smartphones. The only one that I like thats with them now is the Droid but I don't really want that. The Nexus One, Google's phone, looks pretty awesome but so does Sprints, HTC Evo 4G.
My seeds still haven't come in which is still annoying and I'm looking for a MG model so I'm probably going to sell one of my other ones that I have yet to work on.
Well I'm going to go, my gf is in town for holidays and I'm supposed to be there now helping her and siblings with painting eggs lol, seya!
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