Thursday, March 25, 2010

Good news!

Hey everyone, I got an email back and I got the intern position! Hellz yeah. I got a full time job for the summer and I'm working on my application right now for my 4-year college.
In other news, I found out my sister that graduates from high school this year didn't get into the college that she really wanted to badly. It's not right because her friends got in and they don't have a 4.0 or extra activities and honors at school like my sister does. Messed up tell you the truth. She also put a pause and her and her boy friends relationship. I hope she is doing OK.
I'm enjoying Soul Silver on my DS so far, pretty fun and really good thing to kill time.
Anyone going to Otakon? I really want to go this year again, I have been the past two years and its always a blast to go, so many people.
This phone looks killer. I totally want it the HTC Evo 4G, first American 4G phone. Review here.
I finally got my Ubuntu 9.10 to work with my laptop so I got Vista and that on here right now, it's nice and fun to have, loads really fast.
Oh and so I found this really nice folk music on the shamisen, which is a Japanese musical instrument. They are brothers and they started at the age of 5 which is pretty amazing for any musical instrument to me. Here is the link to there main page on Domo music group. I looked them up after I saw that they are appearing at Otakon, its nice music if you just want to calm down and chill.

I'll fill you in later on this weekend probably!

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