Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Iron Man 2 Pictures - Rotten Tomatoes

Iron Man 2 Pictures - Rotten Tomatoes New Iron Man 2 photos out!!!


Some new game play released for the new video game in the Metroid series done by Team Ninja and does it look like it has some graphics. These look great for the Wii and the fact it's mixing 2D into the game is great. I am very excited for this this coming summer, I'm still trying to finish up my Soul Silver, but I still need the 8th badge!I had a great weekend with my girl friend down by the beach. I got to enjoy a nice walk in the sun but boy was it windy as crap! Did I mention that I officially got the internship! I start April 19th with two days a week since I still will be working in retail and have to finish up my spring semester by May 15th. The courier this a new device that is coming out from Microsoft that looks like it will be competing with the ipad which I think looks like a joke. This thing has 2 screens a folds in so you wont scratch them, this thing looks great and looks more like a notebook to take notes with. If I can I might get this or a latter version of it!Check THIS out! Basically a company wants to make more condoms and that means they need more rubber which means they need the trees to live, which means the prevention of deforestation. All because of condoms, interesting!
I got a speech tomorrow for my speech class, doing it on bonsai plants, and how to care for them. Should be interesting. I will go now, but I will update !

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Good news!

Hey everyone, I got an email back and I got the intern position! Hellz yeah. I got a full time job for the summer and I'm working on my application right now for my 4-year college.
In other news, I found out my sister that graduates from high school this year didn't get into the college that she really wanted to badly. It's not right because her friends got in and they don't have a 4.0 or extra activities and honors at school like my sister does. Messed up tell you the truth. She also put a pause and her and her boy friends relationship. I hope she is doing OK.
I'm enjoying Soul Silver on my DS so far, pretty fun and really good thing to kill time.
Anyone going to Otakon? I really want to go this year again, I have been the past two years and its always a blast to go, so many people.
This phone looks killer. I totally want it the HTC Evo 4G, first American 4G phone. Review here.
I finally got my Ubuntu 9.10 to work with my laptop so I got Vista and that on here right now, it's nice and fun to have, loads really fast.
Oh and so I found this really nice folk music on the shamisen, which is a Japanese musical instrument. They are brothers and they started at the age of 5 which is pretty amazing for any musical instrument to me. Here is the link to there main page on Domo music group. I looked them up after I saw that they are appearing at Otakon, its nice music if you just want to calm down and chill.

I'll fill you in later on this weekend probably!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Update on life

Neofonie WePad Is An 11.6", Android-Based iPad Killer - HotHardware

This looks so much cooler then the ipad which can easily be made fun of just by its name. Take a look. Also Nintendo released information about there new DS that will be called Nintendo 3-DS which is going to have a screen that will be able to display a 3_d game with out the use of glasses. It will be shown at E3 this year and will be released probably the 1st quarter of next year. It will be able to play all of the other DS games but I haven't gotten any other information on to what else it will pack.
Plus Nintendo is going to work with schools and come out with apps for the DS for learning and education.
Also a Zune HD update was announced more then a week ago and said was going to be out next week but I have yet seen it come to the Zune software....still waiting.
In my life I have finished up my OO Gundam 1/100 with out paint though except for the clear parts and everywhere the stickers go because I will not use stickers at all. The weather has been really nice and I have gotten some of my painting done on the Master Gundam 1/144. I just need a clear coat on my wings, head and body. I will probably start to work on the Deathscythe 1/100 soon and I think I want to sell my Wing 0 Custom HG for a MG version. I just finished spring break and also got an internship for an Environmental company. Finally a full time job for the summer, no free time and will have less time to spend with the girl friend. That part I will not enjoy
at all. More money and hopefully I will get to move out sooner then expected. I still have to finish my VCU application since I will graduate from community college this May. Exciting!

Update: I forgot to add that I have a speech in a few days about Bonsai trees lol. I also just got a Chinese Holly that I will trim down and put in a pot once I find one. I found a tray pot but it doesn't have holes in the bottom and its just called a self watering one but I don't know if it will work out for me. I just ordered some ficus seeds to get more f those growing for me. They do well indoors and grow fast. Also they are the tree of the Buddha! Anyways I will keep on updating more then what I have been doing.
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