Wednesday, February 10, 2010


So how about all of the snow in the mid east coast? I'm out of college for the 4th day in the past 2 weeks. I did get some sleight riding in which was quite fun but there were a lot of people at the hills including kids. This boy I don't know how many times went into a tree, his father was mad haha. I managed to get out to the Hobby store and Walmart Monday to get some paint and putty for more model kitting but With all this snow I haven't had a chance to paint yet. The prep work is done. My Gundam Wing O 1/144 finally came in after a month that it got lost in the mail. I'm not sure if I want to use it now are not so I might try to sell it for a bigger kit or supplies or gas for going to school lol. I could have enjoyed myself Katsucon this weekend in DC but would have felt terrible for blowing off my girlfriend on Valentines day. Plus I probably just saved myself some money for everything else haha. I need a lot to plan Otakon in the summer which is one I will go to and will never talk my girlfriend into. She is an addict to youtube it's pretty funny. Anyways I bet work isn't closed for me tonight unlike school so I got some things to get done seya!

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