Saturday, January 30, 2010


So, bascially I am starting a blog just to express myself...I guess. Mostly because I'm bored right now but I am sure that I can say some interesting things on here. I will probably talk about mostly my hobbies and interest and what other things go on in my life. Well I guess I could introduce my self first :P
I'm Samshio, and I justs turned 20 years old not to long ago. I live around Richmond, VA and currently in college to study and get my degree in Environmental Science. I'm working on getting an internship over this coming summer to keep myself busy and to get lots of experience on the job. I guess I'm am going for this kind of degree, because I enjoy the outdoors and pretty much want to keep them clean and just as nature intended them to be :)
Now I jsut don't do just outdoor things at all, no way.
You could call me a nerd I guess. I'm the guy how likes to play video games here and there. Such games as The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, and Super Smash Bros. with friends. I have posters in my room of Zelda, and I'm also into anime. I have know idea how many different anime I am into. I do go to anime con's and walk around , and I have co splayed before, more recently at Otakon, and Nekocon which is near me. I do have much manga, and I collect such things that have to do with the movie and manga AKIRA, by Katsuhiro Otomo. I am into tech and movies so I will probably talk much about them about up coming products and/or movies. I am also into Gunpla, or Gundam modelling. I have modeled a few times but now I am trying to get into it so I do something productive with my extra time. I actually have recently placed an order for more model's to be coming my way and I already have some in my closet that I need to work on. I would get right to work but weather hasn't permitted me's been snowing all day over here >_>
Well anyways, that is mostly about me and I do hope you enjoy hearing about my reviews, updates, and awesome/ boring life!
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